Brain Mapping/Market Strategy Designing

Activities done:-

We conduct deep market research and Examine following parameters:-

1. Total market size of products in which we are going to deal.
2. Market share we can snetch.
3. Companies/Brands whom we have to compete with.
4. Pricing/Discount structure of competitors.
5. Promotional parameters required to develop the market.
6. Tentative time required to develop the market/business.
7. Risk factors in market.
8. Expected Profit Margin of distributors and retailors seperately.
9. Nominal investment capacity in business of a trader.
10. Support required from the company.
11. Support that Traders/Distributors will need to develop the market.

What we will provide at the end of research:-

1. Details of total communication record of each trader, examined seperately along with date, time, name of concern person with address and phone #.
2. Total market size.
3. Market share that can be achieved for your esteemed organisation.
4. Pricing structure that is best in this region for achieving maximum market share.
5. Profit % which is required by distributors and dealers.
6. Main competitive brand in market whom we will have to compete with.
7. Common business parameters being adopted by various competitors in market.
8. Structure of business model that we will build for your business development.

NOTE:- This activity is done for the Products/Brands which are going to enter in market as well as for the Products/Brands which are already existing in market, but are not getting satisfactory business. As well as for those products/Brands which are new in market.

Report of research work

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