This activity is continuous Research and Development In marketing, to Monitor & Maintain continuous growth.

Parameters covered in this assignment are:

Monitoring of entire market development activity and suggest the rectification to be done, where ever necessary.


Actual: As per your requirement/suitability.

Project activity:

1. Sales activity is controlled by client's Sales Department, We do not interfere in it.
2. We help in shortlisting right candidates for Marketing, on requirement.
3. We check the effectiveness of any Promotion Program before hand (before Lunch), when asked for it.
4. We analyze the root cause and recommend solutions, in case of any SALES SATURATION or SALE DIP, when required.


Fee: Depending on coverable Geographical area, type of product and complexity of case.

Expenses: Actual Expenses, that generates on operational activities in the field.

Payment: Advance Monthly/Quarterly.


1. Top Management can have third eye on working.

2. Top Management can get the root-cause of various obstacles in time.

3. Top Management can have perfect administrative control and supervision of Marketing Management.

4. Top Management can have monitoring of competitor's activities.

5. Top Management can have continuous monitoring of changing satisfaction parameters of your dealers/distributors.

6. You will be saved from hit and trial losses.

7. You will have clear picture of market/Field activities, which help you take several management decisions.

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